Reefer Trucks

Reefer Trucks generally stands for refrigerated trucks. The vehicle is a typical semi-cab. The reefer, on the other hand, is only a trailer. These trailers are not the same as cooling vans, which are simply insulated and ventilated. What distinguishes a reefer trailer? An active cooling system is included in reefers. As a result, you may carry both frozen and chilled freight. Fresh Freight has some of the best reefer trucks in Dubai.



You have the advantage of scalability when you rent a refrigerated truck. If you often carry perishables for a firm whose quantities are determined by demand, renting rather than buying makes sense since you can modify the size of the truck you use as needed. Hiring is also efficient since you have complete control over how your items are transported, reducing the danger of a freight carrier making a delivery error that might harm your business. You can also have more control over delivery times than you would with a freight company.


Reefer trucks are ideal for transporting perishable commodities such as meats, fruit, dairy products, medicine, medical supplies, donated blood, and other perishable goods such as bread and eggs. These trucks keep local and foreign supplies available all year, assisting our country in its quest for health. Keeping all these factors in mind we provide excellent service in maintaining your logistics and also providing rental service for reefer trucks. Hence we have established ourselves as the best reefer trucks in UAE.


A closed system is used in reefer units. A refrigerated trailer system is all about removing heat and keeping a consistent temperature. They work on the principle of collecting heat and distributing it throughout the system. To keep things cool, businesses employ reefer units. That is, you may set a reefer unit to a specified temperature setting to maintain the temperature of a product but not to modify the temperature of the product.