Refrigerated truck in Dubai is a temperature-controlled vehicle that can carry anything that requires a precise temperature range, such as fine art and antiques. However, our drugs and food will be transported in a temperature-controlled food truck. Pharmaceuticals and food must be kept at specified temperatures, and if the refrigerated truck is out of range, it will be rendered unusable. This can be harmful in a variety of ways.


During shipping, it's also crucial to keep an eye on the temperature inside the vehicle. There are a variety of approaches, but if you're not sure how to include a refrigerated truck in your cold chain shipping process, employing experienced cold chain professionals may help you accomplish what's best for your company and consumers.


Refrigerated transportation entails understanding how perishable items must be moved and ensuring that the transportation procedures used to transfer those products are reliable and compliant. Perishable products trade has increased in recent years and is likely to continue to increase. As a result, there is an increased demand for fresh perishable goods to be transported swiftly. We have various rental services such as Food truck rental, reefer truck rental, and box truck for Rent UAE, these services can be availed with just the click of a button, so feel free to contact us 24/7


How do the Trucks operate?


· Refrigerated trucks require a three-phase power source and a 10-hour charge time.

· The items are organized on roll containers according to delivery priority and loaded onto the vehicle via the rear doors.

· Refrigerated trucks must be charged for one hour after product loading before starting the delivery run.

· The back doors remain closed on the route to the delivery, and the contents are unloaded through side service doors.

· The Refrigerated Trucks are plugged in when they return to the warehouse to refreeze the eutectic plates, and the cycle continues.


With us, you can choose from a wide choice of refrigerated units to help any home delivery business. To ensure that the product is kept at the proper temperature, you'll need the required tools. Fresh Freights' technical specialists can assist you in selecting refrigeration equipment to save expenses and meet consumer demands.