Reefer Trucks in UAE

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How does a refrigerated truck work?

Refrigerated trucks do, in fact, have an onboard, built-in refrigerator or freezer, however, these units operate seamlessly with the vehicle's electrical and charging system. An engine-mounted compressor paired with a skirt-mounted condenser gets things cold, while fans direct air to each and every part of the unit.

What are refrigerated trucks used for?
Companies use refrigerated trucks to transport foods and drinks, pharmaceuticals, floral arrangements, and any other product that needs to stay a certain temperature when being moved

Here's a list of five things to look for in a refrigerated truck.
The Temperature. This quality is one of the most important ones when it comes to refrigerated trucks. ...
Price of the Truck. The price will have a big impact on what type of refrigerated truck you get. ...
Condition and Age. ...
Fuel Efficiency. ...
The Right Size.