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Refrigerated Truck

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Refrigerated Truck Rental Services in UAE

If you’re searching for temperature controlled couriers, you’ve found the right place. We, Fresh Freight Refrigerated Transport L.L.C-UAE, offer advanced and Best Refrigerated Truck Rental Services in Dubai UAE. As industry knowledge has gone into developing a range of temperature-controlled solutions to satisfy the most demanding needs, Fresh Freight is dedicated to supply temperature-controlled courier nationwide in UAE.


Fresh Freight offers reliable, neutral, cheap chilled and cold transportation solution with both freezer and shelf stable services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaima. Our service combined with Safe Food Accreditation, quality endorsements, skilled staff and a great understanding of Chilled and Frozen Supplies will make your experience with Fresh Freight pleasurable.


All the cold transport vehicles we have are brand new, U.A.E registered. Our entire fleet of Refrigerated Truck In Dubai, is manufactured to the highest possible standard ensuring that we provide highest level of flexibility and options to our customers. We offer various categories of Refrigeration Trucks such as Freezer trucks, chiller trucks and cooler truck. These trucks are equipped with up-to-date GPS Tracking system which records uninterrupted temperatures data from pick up to amid delivery and final destination. We ensure that freight packed for passive temperature control is handled and transported in such a way that its ability to protect the contents is not hampered. Our cold and chilled transport systems’ drivers are professional, honest and reliable, wearing appropriate company’s branded safety uniforms and footwear.

Refrigerated Truck Rental Dubai

Our cooler trucks are widely used for transporting perishable products at low temperature. Our truck refrigeration has microprocessor controlled system that has gained appreciation for long service life. Along with this, we also offer freezer trucks with eutectic freezers that are widely used for the transportation of ice creams.


Our refrigerated truck in Dubai is acknowledged for their excellent functionality and on-time delivery of the transported products. If you want to avail the services of refrigerated truck rental in Dubai, then contact us. We also provide top  refrigerated truck rental services in UAE.